Cruiser – The Velotaxi, our stable basis for comfortable driving: The Cruiser stands for performance and reliability under the toughest conditions in the field of inner-city passenger transport with electrically assisted rickshaws. Specially developed and designed as a Velotaxi based on motorcycle technology, it more than meets the demands of the users. Our eco-racer combines stability and driving comfort.

Innovative and aerodynamic design: The aerodynamically shaped cabin comfortably accommodates the driver and two passengers with light luggage. The cabin is manufactured using a rotational spin process and is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene. As a mobile advertising medium, the cabin can be completely covered with film.

Suitable for everyday use and easy to maintain: The Velotaxi Cruiser is custom-made down to the last detail. An ergonomic semi-recumbent seat enables an effective power transmission. The 3-gear shift transmits the pedal force to the differential gear of the rear wheels. An upgrade to the Rohloff hub gear system with 12 gears is possible on request. An ingenious steering system allows the extremely small turning circle of the 305 centimeter long cruiser. Hydraulically reinforced disc brakes offer optimal safety in road traffic. A robust textile partition, the seat upholstery and a roof-mounted boarding aid offer optimum driving comfort.

Power and innovation: The Velotaxi Cruiser is a pedelec (EPAC) that combines hybrid muscle power and electric assistance. The 48V motor has a nominal power of 250 Watt, so the Cruiser reaches maximum speed of 25 km/h. The integrated electric motor supports in 5 selectable steps. The Cruiser works with a 48V battery with 2 kWh electrical power.

Production and international distribution: BAYK AG is the brand owner of the brand Velotaxi, producer of the vehicle CRUISER – DAS VELOTAXI and international marketer of the Velotaxi system and producer of the vehicles of the Velotaxi system.

download product information CRUISER – DAS VELOTAXI

What makes the Cruiser stand out
Convincing power: drive system with 111 Nm torque on the front axle

Power package for maximum range: Li-Ion battery either from GreenPack or SBS Unipower supplies up to 2,000 Wh
Power for up to 80 km driving distance

Heavy-duty and durable motorcycle components such as wheels, tires and hydraulic brake system

Starting aid / pushing aid up to 6 km/h makes the daily Velotaxi business easier

Eye Catcher: Attractive design combined with the ability to create large advertising spaces

Stable chassis construction optimized for everyday use and proven worldwide with room for 2 passengers
and one child up to 6 years

Technical data
Dimensions: 3.00 x 1.10 x 1.75 m (L x W x H)
Weight: 160 kg
Payload: max. 330 kg (incl. driver)
Approval: as EPAC in the EU
Certification: DEKRA, CE
Motor: 250 W, 48 V, 111 Nm
Continuous rated power: 250 W
Battery: Li-Ion, optionally 1.000, 1.400 or 2.000 Wh
Range: up to 80 km with one battery charge
Braking system: Hydraulic motorcycle disc brakes (Brembo)
Tires: Continental 19″
Lighting: LED front / rear light with brake and indicator
Gear change: hub gear Rohloff Speedhub
Charge: quick charger with 8 A
Warranty: 2 years

Link to the manufacturer BAYK AG
Download product information and price list CRUISER – DAS VELOTAXI

Environmentally friendly bicycle taxi service and advertising on the move: The world’s metropolises are getting busier and busier and more crowded. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, Velotaxi reduces the city’s exhaust pollution and expands the local transport systems with a flexible and reliable means of transport. Velotaxis are excellent means of transport in the city, at events and as a shuttle, and they convince as a pleasant and effective advertising medium with unrivalled performance features.

Made in Berlin: Velotaxi is a Berlin success story In 1997 Velotaxi started with 30 bicycle taxis to implement a new public transport system in combination with an innovative advertising concept. Velotaxi was founded with the idea of sustainably increasing the quality of life in the city. The use of environmentally friendly bicycle taxis creates mobility, protects resources and creates jobs at the same time.

Velotaxi worldwide: Velotaxi is also breaking new ground with regard to the worldwide Velotaxi offer. This innovative operating concept is flexible enough to be successfully adapted to a wide range of regional conditions. Whether in New York or Tokyo, in Helsinki or Cape Town, for all the differences, some success factors are always the same: the enthusiasm of our employees and partners and the conviction to operate a worldwide, sustainable system successfully together.

Velotaxi – successful around the globe: Today, the Velotaxi network has reached international format. In 50 countries and more than 120 cities worldwide the Velotaxi Cruiser is already in tough everyday use. It is therefore the unrestricted market leader among the e-rickshaws and therefore thoroughly tested in practice. More than 500 international brands have already booked the 5 sqm rolling advertising spaces on the characteristic cabin for their campaigns.

Purchase and cooperation: More and more municipalities are promoting sustainable mobility, and more and more cities are designing their centres to be low on cars or car-free. Nevertheless, residents, customers, tourists and guests have to get everywhere – with or without luggage. This is where Velotaxi shows its strengths and is a problem solver in the sustainable city. Velotaxi advises founders in setting up their own Velotaxi business. We advise on the purchase of vehicles, the start and development of the business and offer services for all Velotaxi businesses throughout Germany.

Starting your own Velotaxi business: The most important tasks of a Velotaxi business are the smooth running of scheduled and event operations, the flawless implementation of advertising, the maintenance and repair of vehicles and the cordial care of drivers and passengers. A Velotaxi operation is a challenge – but also variety, excitement and fun at work. And with our many years of know-how, we are at the side of all founders.

Velotaxi in my city: Often our operators come from the advertising and event sectors, but lateral entrants are also very welcome. All that is necessary is that you are as enthusiastic about the Velotaxi idea as we are. If you know of an ideal location for a Velotaxi business in Germany, or if you are interested in opening one yourself, don’t hesitate: Contact us!