Become a Velotaxi driver! Do you like to be out in the fresh air, do you like to pedal and do you like dealing with people from all over the world? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we are now looking for reliable riders on an independent basis for the new 2019 season. You will be driving our insured high-tech cruisers and on your own account through the city centre and past the city’s central hotspots. Ideally, you know your way around the city of Berlin, are communicative and speak English and/or other languages.

With our modern, motor-assisted vehicles we offer good earning opportunities with free time management. In addition, you will receive orders for pre-orders, events and promotions.
If we have aroused your interest, please send us a short mail to or call us at 030. 2803 16 09.

Job yourself fit! Driving a Velotaxi is a smart way to earn your money. More than 1,000 drivers are on the road seven days a week from March to October. Velotaxi drivers run regular services and sightseeing tours, as well as special customer events. The working hours are daily from 10 to 20 o’clock. Velotaxi drivers come from all over the world. Most are between 20 and 40 years old. About half of them are university students, but also craftsmen, musicians or computer professionals have found a sporty job in the CityCruiser.

Become a driver with Velotaxi! Our requirements for Velotaxi drivers are high, but achievable: 
We need reliability and commitment, independence and initiative, in addition customer friendliness and knowledge of the city.
Velotaxi drivers work independently on trade licence. We are happy to support you in advance with the uncomplicated application for the relevant documents. Information events for new drivers take place regularly.
Velotaxi-drivers drive on their own account in regular service, only a small rental fee for maintenance and repair of the vehicles is charged by us.

And how does this work in practice? You need: a valid travel card, a valid driving licence and a valid identification document. With this you come to us and introduce yourself. And then it starts right away?
If we employ you as a Velotaxi driver, you can register online for driving days. You will first be accompanied by a mentor driver who will give you the most important information for “the road”. He or she knows popular routes, the best places to park, has a tip or two for addressing customers and introduces you to your colleagues.

We are family! Velotaxi riders are bicycle freaks and city guides, screwdrivers and architecture students, office workers with a desire to move and sportsmen with ambitions. They are all united by their cool driving job, their love of the city and the fun of service. They are a dedicated team – and that even after work! Velotaxi driver is a job – but not a job like any other!

Join us! You want to belong? Then apply and become a Velotaxi driver!

Riding a velotaxi… worldwide! Today Velotaxi has operations in 54 countries. The choice of possible working locations is large. If you are a Velotaxi driver and want to get around even more, then contact us and we will put you in touch with your local colleagues.

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