Environmentally friendly bicycle taxi service and advertising on the move: The world’s metropolises are getting busier and busier and more crowded. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, Velotaxi reduces the city’s exhaust pollution and expands the local transport systems with a flexible and reliable means of transport. Velotaxis are excellent means of transport in the city, at events and as a shuttle, and they convince as a pleasant and effective advertising medium with unrivalled performance features.

Made in Berlin: Velotaxi is a Berlin success story In 1997 Velotaxi started with 30 bicycle taxis to implement a new public transport system in combination with an innovative advertising concept. Velotaxi was founded with the idea of sustainably increasing the quality of life in the city. The use of environmentally friendly bicycle taxis creates mobility, protects resources and creates jobs at the same time.

Velotaxi worldwide: Velotaxi is also breaking new ground with regard to the worldwide Velotaxi offer. This innovative operating concept is flexible enough to be successfully adapted to a wide range of regional conditions. Whether in New York or Tokyo, in Helsinki or Cape Town, for all the differences, some success factors are always the same: the enthusiasm of our employees and partners and the conviction to operate a worldwide, sustainable system successfully together. Today, the Velotaxi network has reached international format with more than 120 locations in 45 countries worldwide.

A good idea prevails: As unconventional and flexible as the Velotaxi appears on the road, as unusual is the business model behind it. It is not the income from the drivers’ driving operations that generates the turnover for the Velotaxi operations, but the advertising income from our branded vehicles. The self-employed drivers* run the regular service on their own account, only a small rental fee for maintenance and repair of the vehicles is charged by the Velotaxistas.

Your advertising in the city could hardly be better: high reach, in the middle of the city, with high conversion due to a very high sympathy bonus and the absolutely positive image of the green advertising medium. Book high-reach advertising on our modern city runabouts.

From Sylt to Munich, from Düsseldorf to Dresden – in 21 German locations we offer ooH advertising in seasonal Velotaxi line operation from March to October. We are available 24/7 365 days a year for promotions, shuttle services and individual campaigns.

Velotaxi places brands in the cityscape. The advertising medium Velotaxi has a very positive image: environmentally friendly, innovative, flexible, sporty… these are adjectives that pedestrians associate with Velotaxi in surveys. The ideal advertising medium for image campaigns, new product launches, product campaigns, etc.

In addition there is a driver, of course equipped with brand-related equipment, who gives information to the passenger: About the company, the products, the promotions or even about sights of the respective location.

Velotaxis can hardly be compared with conventional advertising media in the outdoor advertising market, because Velotaxis is more mobile than posters, far more emotional and attention-grabbing than buses and trains and of course present directly at the hotspots of the respective city.

Advertising on Velotaxi is characterized by above-average contact rates, daily presence in public, target group-specific contacts and flexible use in the media mix. And Velotaxi advertising also goes where other advertising media have to fit: For example in Berlin’s government district or Hamburg’s Mönckebergstraße.

From March to October, our Velotaxis are on the road 8 hours a day in regular service. They bring advertising messages exactly where the target group is.

Multitalent – Velotaxis are out-of-home advertising with additional benefits: Velotaxis can be used flexibly – at openings, for product launches or at the “open day”. The high-tech bikes can be designed with a special look for every appearance: to match your campaign, your corporate colours and your products. Our bike taxis are available to you 365 days a year 24/7 for promotions and campaigns throughout Germany. You can book the eco-vehicles on a daily basis, including driver*, as a promotional vehicle for sporting events, cultural events, shop openings, open air festivals, etc.

The Velotaxi service is particularly popular as an accompanying measure to events such as trade fairs, congresses, shop openings, corporate events or the launch of new brands and products. Velotaxis advertise the campaign in an eye-catching way at the location and bring interested parties directly to the campaign. Velotaxis are also particularly suitable for sampling and sales promotion activities: eye-catching, friendly and with friendly and competent promoters.

The bike tactic for events: Our bike taxis are available for events 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Whether city tours, unique accompanying program for conferences, trade fairs, seminars or annual meetings, with Velotaxi you are driving the right way. Use our environmental taxis at trade fairs and congresses as an environmentally friendly event vehicle: Have your business partners picked up at the station or bring them back to the car park after the trade fair is over. A special service that arrives!

Velotaxi is the mobility partner for trade fairs and congresses: Environmentally friendly, friendly and flexible, we take passengers and the messages of our sponsors around the fairground directly to their destination. At trade fairs and congresses, Velotaxis are used as a flexible shuttle service for visitors, exhibitors, journalists and VIPs. The vehicles can also be completely covered with advertising film for use at trade fairs. In addition, flyers can be distributed in the Velotaxis, our drivers* can collect raffle tickets or similar. Screens in the interior are also possible, which can be filled with your multimedia content.

The fair mobile: The bikes are the first advertising contact at the fairground or on the way to the congress center. Our Velotaxi drivers chauffeur the fair and congress guests from the public transport stations and parking lots to the fairground and the entrances. And trade fair days can be so long and exhausting. Surprise and inspire your customers! Score points with your trade fair guests with the very special service: The Velotaxi shuttle service to the trade fair or after the end of the trade fair to the car park or the nearest underground station will be remembered.

Velotaxi was founded in 1997 with the idea of making cities more liveable with the help of environmentally friendly mobility. Today we are on the road worldwide and provide more freedom of movement, fewer emissions and less noise in the city. A pioneer at that time, we are in good company today, as more and more companies are committing themselves to the Sustainable Development Goals and setting up their processes in a sustainable manner.

Our model – green advertising: In the field of advertising, too, there are initial initiatives that are putting sustainability in the spotlight. Velotaxi is partner of Media4Planet and has launched the initiative “Green Advertising” to offer sustainable solutions to customers in the field of out-of-home advertising. 

Make it your Velotaxi: The white Velotaxi cabs can be completely or partially covered with foil. We can even manufacture cabs in the colour of our customers’ choice. Extras, extensions, conversions and superstructures are gladly checked for feasibility.

Production process: We provide our customers with production data for advertising production. You adjust your layouts and give everything to our production. The team there takes care of foil printing, application and removal of the foils after the campaign. Our full service makes sure that everything is implemented very conveniently: from line bookings and promotions on site to logistics for completely branded fleets – throughout Germany.